One of the many Interesting kills in EVIL DEAD TRAP

For several years I have seen the DVD of EVIL DEAD TRAP II for sale or rental, but never part 1. This is probably the reason why I waited until now to actually take the time and trouble to track down a copy and watch it.

The plot is relatively simple. A TV reporter receives a mysterious video tape that may or may not be snuff. At the end of the tape, it shows the building where it all went down followed by images of the reporter. Curiosity gets the better of her and she decides to take her news team to explore the abandoned factory to verify if the tape is real or a fake. Immediatlly, her friends begin to die one-by-one in obscure ways as she tries to escape to safety.

This movie was basically the poop baby of Dario Argento’s Golden Years that had buttsex with Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead’ films. The score, as much as I wanted to like it, sounded like a failed attempt to become GOBLIN (Mostly the score from SUSPIRIA). The POV shots were obviously mimicing THR EVIL DEAD by getting the camera man to hold the camera and run around in the woods.

Even though this “borrowed” from MANY other films from other countries, I have to hand it to them.. They eventually turn the film around and add more WTF moments that had everyone around me scratching their heads or dropping their jaws.

The gore was very well done, but the kill scenes were a little unbalanced for my tastes. One character gets impaled by several peices of wood and ends up looking like a human jack, yet another character… gets her hand cut open by a knife.. and falls over dead.

There’s a lot of twists and unexpected goodies that I won’t mention for your benefit, but trust me when I say this, its literally the last thing you will ever suspect… and most of these treats take place during the final 20 minutes. For these moments alone, I forgave the similarities to other movies and confusing plotholes. This film is DEFINITLY worth a look… and I only hope the sequels are just as obscure as this was.

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